Machanix Fabrication is a family owned business. The company was started with a husband that had been layed off from work due to cut backs. He needed to have some sort of income to provide for his family so he thought that he would do some side work in the mean time until they called him back. In the beginning he had every intention of returning to his previous place of employement. But as time went on he had work steadily coming in for his new found career. After much thought he made the choice to continue his work and go into business for himself. Family being a very special part of their lives they felt that he would have the ability to build something that they could call their own, and hopefully a future for their kids to take over some day when the time was right. So they had decided to open up Machanix Fabrication.

This business was started as a small mom and pop shop that was opened in their own garage back in 1982. Many years later and alot of time and money invested into their company, they now have two locations to serve the public.One in California and the other in Nevada. With over 40 years experience in the field they have the know how to complete almost any job. Some of their regular customers come from the County Water and Sanitation Districts, as well as the Food, Mining, Plastic, Paper, and Pharmasutical Industries.